Welcome to Whitehall


Whitehall has been retained for varied assignments to recapitalize, seek new capital partner, or simply to merge an existing entity. Part of our work is to weigh alternatives with equity owners and balance objectives against most likely scenarios. Our objective is to maximize the best outcome for our clients. In most cases, a company or division positioning, and strategy are laid out. Careful attention to detail and considerable knowledge of specific industry makes Whitehall uniquely qualified to affordably deliver results.

Whitehall work has ranged from high six figure simple acquisitions, to $ 40 million +. We have been retained internationally, and have considerable experience in Asia/Pacific Region outside of North America.

Whitehall always delivers as our tireless focus ensure success for the most demanding assignments.

Strategic Advisors

Having the right plan is a function of who prepares it and their knowledge of fine points of the business.

Whitehall makes sure your business and strategic plan is realistic, and balanced to achieve your goals. We are willing to guarantee our work, which very few advisors will.

Our assignments have taken us from Korea and Japan, to Australia and Europe, as branching strategies from North American based companies.