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It is rare for a smaller or mid-sized company, to have the expertise on board that can lead licensing and co-branding strategies.

Whitehall has a depth of hands-on experience, and is well versed in cross border licensing and Co-Ventures on many shapes. Partners have invented and launched several of the most dominant marketing juggernauts of the 1990s in Affinity Marketing, Co-Branding, and Franchising. Our Licensing experience is extensive and partners are among a who’s who of on demand services and Software Services. Affordability and results is what Whitehall is known for.

Capital Formation/Funding/Financing

We have arranged and led private equity, as well as led successful IPOs. Having sufficient Working Capital is the battle cry of most enterprise. Expansion and new initiatives frequently require new funding sources. Providing the right financing solutions, sometimes is a function of honing a solid strategy – then financing it. Equity, Debt, Preferred classes of stock or debt, classified, special purpose, or general debt equity and lease financing are advisory services we provide. Sometimes Whitehall will broker for your benefit to ensure the best possibilities are weighed and considered.

Whitehall Principals have completed over one billion dollars in structured financing and debt/equity deals. Performance is what Whitehall is known for. Whitehall always delivers.


“Your competition never sleeps"™