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Whitehall 2007 current information of interest:

August 15, 2007 Faithfone, Inc. MVNO operator, prepaid card issuer, and affinity enabling enterprise, announced that Thomas M Cannon, CEO of Varadigm will assume CEO duties of Faithfone corporation effective September 1, 2007. Founder Larry Witherspoon will remain chairman of this entity.

July 6, 2007 SeerGate, Inc. an Israeli based Authentication and Security specialist engineering software company announced the appointment of Thomas M Cannon of Whitehall Advisors as President and Managing Director of North American Operations, expanding its global presence. SeerGate has powerful antifraud and debit, ATM, On-line security that protects consumer and merchant data and makes it impossible to compromise any vital information. The announcement was made by Eldad Aharoni Co founder and CEO of the Israeli based company. Cannon commented that in his extensive experience surrounding all aspects of Authentication and transaction authorization, SeerGate has the truly unique token methodology backed by substantial intellectual property and patents. I am convinced that SeerGate can dominate the markets and expand the safety of Debit usage protecting all parties from any possible fraud or data compromise.

June 15, 2007 Varadigm, Inc. Phoenix, AZ has elected Thomas M Cannon as CEO and board member of this MVNO and Satellite Broadcasting company. The position is effective upon conclusion of funding, currently in final steps of closing for $ 21.2 million. Varadigm has ownership of GreenPlanet Mobile, Faithfone, and other prepaid and mobile content companies.

April 15, 2007 Thomas M Cannon, CEO of Whitehall Advisors, an expert in Transaction processing and payment services has accepted a board seat with MyFraudDog™ Cannon served as prominent corporate officer positions as Executive VP and CMO of First Data, Sr. VP and CMO of American Express Payment Products, CEO of GasCard Inc. Cannon stated, “I am pleased to contribute as an advisor and board member at MyFraudDog™. After almost 30 years of intense involvement in all aspects of fraud and authentication, I think MyFraudDog™ is moving cardholder protection to a new paradigm of evolvement. MyFraudDog™ delivers an enhanced service that issuers can offer to their cardholders, whom have come to expect more than basic transaction functionality. As Issuers compete for differentiation, the MyFraudDog™ service enables Issuers to have a truly personal relationship with their cardholders, while minimizing fraud and protecting vital security components.