Whitehall Team

Whitehall's team of professionals and associates includes international experience in capital formation, acquisition, business combination
and diverstiture.
They provide advisory services for software services and large scale networking and Information Technology business.

In today's time of conflict and questions surrounding capital markets, it is reassuring that Whitehall Principals have “bullet-proof” credentials, and unmatched integrity. Their “best of breed” backgrounds – are 'earned' from experience and a strong sense of the highest ethical conduct coupled with hard, smart work.

CEO - Founder

Thomas Cannon

As a CEO, he has led several very successful ventures, raised over a dozen private rounds of equity, secured overseas funding from key Asia Pacific entities, and personally led one Oversubscribed IPO, before forming Whitehall Capital LLC. As a Senior Corporate officer, in a financial services entity Cannon has also directed and completed over one billion in equity/debt and lease structure financings of most types.

Thomas Cannon, Whitehall Capital's founder has over 30 years experience in Executive Management and Senior Corporate Officer posts with Fortune 100 Companies. As a top field Executive with IBM, and Corporate Officer posts with
First Data and American Express he has honed his skills. His accomplished and
high profile background is blended with "founder" and officer roles in successful start-ups, and is balanced with leadership roles as the Chairman or President/CEO.

tom cannon