Q. Why do we need Whitehall?

For strategic advice, you usually recover our fees through expense reduction or revenue enhancements almost immediately. If you retain Whitehall as consultants, strategic advisors, or finders and arrangers of financing, we minimize your overall costs. We will help find you the best, most economical sources needed. This protects you. Email us for specifics.

Whitehall typically accepts retained “Interim C Level roles” only. We can Guarantee our work because our Principals are Proven Executives.

Q. What makes Whitehall Capital and Advisors different from others?

We only accept an assignment when we understand your goals. In some cases, we help you outline your goals and milestones. We tailor our work to fit your requirements. In all cases, we guarantee our professional work. We plan, and help you execute. Our reputation relies upon your success and our work includes our follow through.

Q. Who is your typical company client/customer ?

A software services, a Web Services or On-Demand Services company. Many assignments encompass all phases of the payment grid including hardware and cellular technologies. We also help large-scale ERP software.

Q. What is your industry segment specialty?

Payments, Settlement, and Authentication, and all aspects of the payment grid - globally. Whitehall Payments Advisory expertise is unmatched, in transaction, remittance and payments. Whether on-line, web-based, wireless, biometric, RFID, Token, or cellular based; debit credit, private label, paperless (or hard copy), ACH, Swift and varied wired services.

Q. Do you recommend Outsourcing?

If appropriate and depending upon the applications, economics, and scalability. However, we think the more proper term to use is “Sourcing”. Domestic industry has embraced low-cost, best source solutions for matters previously considered crucial to remain “in-house”. The rise of access to the internet has made sourcing possibilities diverse and global.

Q. Is Whitehall a Licensed Broker or Securities Broker?

Whitehall Capital is an Advisory Services company, so we are not engaged in brokerage, licenses, or various securities. The restrictive and cumbersome nature of the various SEC, and state ‘Blue-sky’ laws, and the myriad of potential compliance issues raises your fees, slows the overall process, and restricts meaningful activities. Whitehall keeps arm’s length from these activities.

Q. How is it that you do ‘financing’?

We arrange for and structure financing, this reduces the complexity for you. Structured Debt/equity and lease financings are a function of our expertise. We reduce your overall cost of financing.

Q. What are some typical finance sources?

Whitehall network goes beyond banks, to a wide expanse of international sources and specialty investment lenders, hedge funds, pension funds, depending upon the assignment.

Q. Can Whitehall perform investment banking, securities or brokerage activity for us?

No - we serve as management advisers. Whitehall finds available low-cost options, as this process is most crucial to your success. Whitehall avoids “binder building” and expense inducing activities for you. We think this consultant “binder building” is wasteful of your money, dilutes our effectiveness as your advisors. While investment banks, and Professional Accounting firms are effective for many tasks, engaging one for strategy development and consulting in your operations, drives up your costs of engagement needlessly.

Q. Do I need lawyers or an attorney?

We recommend, for financings, that you have your attorney review key decisions, so why spend ‘twice’, or with investment banks and CPA firms, -three times - for an activity that is straightforward and should be simple. We are advocates of doing things properly.

Q. Are you saying that we should not use lawyers?

On the contrary. Since legal work which you will pay for anyway, is usually a requirement of a funding or an M/A, and available to most companies for all activities, we see no reason to add more fees for “legal reviews”. Use legal advisors when you need them, not in between adding to expense.

Q. What is Whitehall typical advisory assignment fees?

Depending upon engagement and scope of assignment, it is usually equivalent of part time help over several months. If it is a financing, most fees are upon completion. For all work, we take pains to keep your costs at a minimum. A typical assignment is a 30 to 180 day Part-time retainer, with specific objectives. Whitehall has done some very creative work, which began as a funding and ended up as an acquisition. Our performance and reputation is always excellent.

Q. Whom are you working with and how do we know you are professional?

Whitehall referral/reference list is impressive. We are proud of our record of performance.

Q. What is the most common assignment for Whitehall?

Retained, for a goal specific or ‘contained’ assignment, such as pricing on-demand services, or developing a strategic plan, for expansion, i.e. licensing, or co-branding or global growth.

Q. What is the advantage of hiring Whitehall?

By partitioning a vital process from day to day operations, we free up your team to keep focus on today’s activity. ‘Switching hats’ from day to day operations to planning are very difficult. Big businesses separate the roles. We step in to help smaller companies as ‘stand in’ experts to support your team. We serve to “supercharge” your own team and make your company better. We arrange plans for the capital needs of your business as well as develop new strategies leveraging your strengths for your approval and adoption. Whitehall has considerable experience in areas which your internal staff probably does not have – such as - co-branding, licensing, international deals, contracting, pricing.