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Our experience as C Level Fortune 100 executives, equips us as process engineering experts of the the Back Office. Our work includes high level retained consulting for a range of strategic initiatives. We help companies focus more sharply, in order to take advantage of their markets, their resources, and to reflect the market atmosphere in which they are working. Most of all, we deliver hard dollar expense reductions and improved processing.

Whitehall covers:

Marketing and strategic positioning.
Financing a company’s working capital needs.
Strategic plans for growth.

We provide consulting and advice for:

Equity/ debt formation
Private placement
JV, co-partner initiatives, licensing

We provide strategic advice for:

Financial, software, and data services
Transaction/payment processing
On demand services
Electronic services delivery and payment
Whitehall's current info of interest

Whitehall is owner of various assets and Intellectual Property* and companies, all operating within, or under Whitehall Capital LLC or Whitehall Advisors LLC, including:

WebCash Technologies Inc,
One Network, One Network Data Services
Various Payment Platform design,
ACH/Swift and Payment gateways, and significant archive of
organization and methodologies for software architecture.

*IP is not actively operating in all cases.

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